Sanchez Tanniehill is a gospel recording artist with an incredible story of God’s faithfulness. At six weeks old Sanchez suffered a stroke. Doctors said he would never walk or talk, but by the grace of God Sanchez sings and shares his story with people everywhere.


GOD DID IT MINISTRIES (GDI) mission is to provide compassion, understanding, and love to our community/world the way Jesus loved us. We collaborate with other nonprofit organizations to reach goals most people think are unattainable. GDI was founded by Alabaster native Sanchez Tanniehill.

By giving back to the local community and other countries across the world, GOD DID IT MINISTRIES, with the help of sponsors, charitable donations, and fundraising, graciously celebrates life changing stories.

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A Must Read!

God Did It Book

This book is lovingly dedicated to anyone who is losing hope in the idea that God can do something in their impossible situation. I pray my story of overcoming a stroke at six weeks old will inspire you to hold on to faith that – one day – you’ll be able to look back on your life and say, “God Did It.”

Love this book from Sanchez Tanniehill! This book is so inspiring and encouraging! He shares his story but spends as much time helping you apply the lessons he teaches to your own life! A great read!

This book blessed me more than I could have imagined! It was very inspiring and uplifting. It brought me back to an even closer place with God that I have been desiring! So thankful he shared his miraculous testimony!

Sanchez’s story of determination and perseverance through his faith and prayer life is truly inspirational! Sanchez does a brilliant job of not only sharing his years of spiritual journey but his daily real life applications as well. Great read!

This book does exactly what it was meant to do. Give Hope to those that feel like they have a unfair disadvantage. If God Did it for Sanchez he will do it for me.

God Did It is an amazing and inspiring book that has touched my heart. This book has blessed my heart on so many levels. It’s definitely a MUST read!!

For the Kids

God Did It Children's Book

Introducing the children’s book version of God Did It by Sanchez Tanniehill. This book tells the life story of Sanchez and how God helped him through his struggles growing up. Open the book to learn more about how God can help you too no matter what you go through!

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God Did It
Music Video

The God Did It music video released in 2019 telling the powerful story of what God has done in and through the life of Sanchez. The video brings visual power to the already powerful story of God Did It.

God Did It…
Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes to see the making of and inspiration for the God Did It music video.